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I am often asked how I decided on this profession.  I don’t know that I ever consciously did.  There was not the experience of wondering what it would be like or imaging what I could do with it.  That sense of longing to fulfill a dream or a destiny was not something I felt.  The journey was placed before me and I simply walked the path, one step at a time.  I am still on that journey, ever wondering what is beyond the bend.  For every turn has provided me with renewed awe at this thing we call life.


One could say my career had seeds in the horse stables of my youth where I was instructed in massage techniques for the athletic and high-strung thoroughbreds of the racetrack.  Applying liniments and compresses to relieve muscular strains in their powerful bodies.  I never imagined that my hands were learning how to give attention that I would use years later on human bodies. 


My professional career began in 1989 following completion of a Massage Technician training through the Institute of Psycho-Structural Integration, now the International Professional School of Bodywork.   Since that time I have accumulated over 2,000 in-class hours of professional education in somatic arts and spatial medicine.  I have worked with a wide range of health care providers since 1984 and have been an instructor in professional massage therapy programs since 1996.


Exploring our inhabitance of body and space through movement studies, including yoga and Tai Chi, has provided me with valuable insights to share as I assist clients with gaining greater functionality.   I also enjoy empowering others through wellness education and personal growth resources.  I have witnessed the potential of skilled touch applied with focused attention to improve our quality of life and soothe our sufferings.  It is my desire to provide these benefits and assist people with building joy and vitality in their lives. 


With individually tailored sessions I engage clients in the process of accessing their body's inherent resiliency, wisdom, and healing capacity, working gently or deeply as desired for comfort and to meet predetermined goals.
















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