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Therapeutic Massage

One-hour sessions for health benefits including: relaxation, stress reduction, relief of aches, pains, and muscles strains, management of chronic pain, pregnancy complaints, and postpartum recovery. Using a wide range and scope of techniques from very gentle to deep and tailored to individual needs and goals.


Available for all age groups



Structural Integration

Kinesis Myofascial Integration

Anatomically specific one-hour sessions for improving posture, movement, and function.  Based on concepts pioneered by Dr. Ida P. Rolf and further developed by Thomas Myers.


Free assessment available to help you decide how structural integration may benefit you.



About Structural Integration

The KMI Experience



Prepaid 12-session series

discounted to $850.00



Prenatal Massage

Bundled into 5 prepaid sessions specially designed to address pregnancy complaints and postpartum recovery. 

Includes additional COMPLEMENTARY sessions for:

  • instruction in labor and lactation preparation
  • birth partner instruction in comfort measures
  • infant massage instruction

$300.00 for the bundle


$60 per single session

Medical Massage

Available for personal injury or pre-approved work comp cases ONLY.


A physican or primary care provider prescription with diagnosis is required.


Session length and frequency relative to limitations of diagnosis.


Includes assessment, various manual therapy techniques, and self-care instructions appropriate to diagnosis.

Third party billing at usual and customary fees for appropriate procedural coding.


$55 initial evaluation

$35 return evaluation

$35 per unit


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